Ship Longing Research Lab


The project Schiffssehnsuchtsforschung (Ship longing research) is aimed to build community among ship longers from around the globe. It is scientifically based on »Ship Fiction«, the art of creating an illusionary ship feeling, for those of us who miss ships  ~  captained by: Miss A Ship.


From the chronicles:

2018 ~ First public investigation in April at the Harbour Museum of Hamburg before a plentifully equipped "research container" was set up in Hamburg's HafenCity in June (Marco-Polo-Terrassen) and in September (Magellan-Terrassen): The Ship Longing Research Laba place where ship lovers could measure the degree of their longing, have a chat with Miss A. Ship or simply gather & hang around ...

(April 21  //  June 21 - 23  //  September 1 - 23 2018)

The project was hosted by ELBFEST.HAMBURG and funded by a grant (AIRStip) of the City of Salzburg.

Further support by Hafencity Hamburg and MSC.


crew: Dorit Ehlers with guests  •  shipping company: Tina Heine & co.