Ship longing research


Longing  – or yearning – can be an outlet for pain ... or it can be a wonderful feeling:

knowing that something (or someone) has grown so dear to my heart, that I painfully miss it when absent.
A nostalgic pain setting the wish machine in motion … and once the power of imagination takes over,
everything becomes even lovelier … and soon the object of longing no longer has much to do with reality.

Research  means figuratively: to track ship longing. This is about the myth, about subjective perception, a
sensory phenomenon. Not to be confused with reality, neither as comparison nor as measurement.

Each individual expertise is required: What are the constituent parts of longing? How is it expressed? At
what distance does it occur? What is the maximum time limit or how long can one endure without being
near a ship? This is where ship research, sub-topic ship longing, begins. The study arises from verbal
narrative, the thousands of stories, projections and fantasies.