the expert

Miss A. Ship – Ship longing researcher and expert on fictive shipping

- Inventor of The Inland Ship Illusion

- since 2012 Project Director of »SHIP FICTION« – shipping like it has never been and will never be. Or maybe it
will …?


»Ship Fiction« means: meet ship-longing with theatrical means. A valve for ship, port and seafaring
aficionados. The alternative to ship tourism and marine kitsch.

»Ship Fiction« is: open and unbiased, is vibrant research on the subject of “ship feelings". Ideas with
different formats replace or supplement each other. A discipline of its own, vacillating between realism and
conscious idealization.

»Ship Fiction« wants to: get you on board, infect, build networks, make circles, dock onto other ship-enthusiastic communities and raise its own flag – to joyfully spin, dream, invent and converse together. A convivial dive into the pleasure of illusion.