Postal Bottle Service

Are you longing for a ship ... ???

Send a question in a bottle to the harbour!

  • Imagine you are standing on a ship's deck
  • Think about a question that you want to ask someone or a message you want to send
  • Everybody who leaves a contact information will receive a personal answer

Post Scriptum: All postal dialogues can be followed – public viewing on Postal Bottle Cruise!

(no personal data will be published)



The Postal Bottle Service is active:


• A permanent Postal Bottle Box has been installed at the Public Library of Salzburg (Stadt:Bibliothek Salzburg), opening date was March 22, 2019. Messages in a Bottle can be deposited during the opening hours:

Monday, Thursday, Friday 10 - 18  //  Tuesday, Wednesday 15 - 19  //  Saturday 10 - 15


• Another permanent Postal Bottle Box has opened at the Hoheluftschiff Hamburg, since February 2020. Messages in a Bottle can be deposited during the opening hours: see Calendar / Theater Zeppelin.




what has happened until now:

• The Postal Bottle Office was originally active from July 26 - September 23, 2018, in Salzburg and Hamburg, with a personal delivering service by Miss A. Ship.

All questions in a bottle had been transported to Hamburg harbour on the 27th of August and were being answered by customers and probands of the Ship Longing Research Centre, installed by ELBFEST.HAMBURG.

All answers in a bottle were then brought back to Salzburg and delivered to the senders *.

• Since the inauguration of the Postal Bottle Office Salzburg several temporary offices have opened in various places: Theater Zeppelin Hamburg (Sept. 2019), Neumarkt / Egna, Italy (Sept.2019), ...

• the second steady Postal Bottle Office has opened in Hamburg on a theatre ship in January 2020.

• next Postal Bottle Office to open is in September 2020: Obertrum an der See