Postal Bottle Service

Are you longing for a ship ... ???

Send a question in a bottle to the harbour!

  • Imagine you are standing on a ship's deck
  • Think about a question that you want to ask someone
  • Send your question to Miss A. Ship

The Postal Bottle Office was active from July 26 - August 23, in Salzburg and Hamburg. The Postal Bottle Service is currently not active, but will soon be continued ...


Post Scriptum ... what has happened until now:

All questions in a bottle have been transported to Hamburg harbour on the 27th of August and delivered to unknown recipients at the Ship Longing Research Centre with the final destination: ELBFEST (Sept 22nd + 23rd).

All answers in a bottle have been brought back to Salzburg and delivered to the senders *.

Don't miss the public viewing ~ come along on Postal Bottle Cruise!


* Everybody who had left a contact information received a personal answer