Postal Bottle Service

Are you longing for a ship ... ???

Send a question in a bottle to the harbour!

  • Imagine you are standing on a ship's deck
  • Think about a question that you want to ask someone
  • Send your question to Miss A. Ship

The Postal Bottle Office at Sterneckstraße 10, 5020 Salzburg, is closed since August 11th. The Postal Bottle Service is still active and will be pursued ...


All bottle messages have been transported to Hamburg harbour on the 27th of August and delivered to unknown recipients at the Ship Longing Research Centre with the final destination: ELBFEST (Sept 22nd + 23rd).

All answers in a bottle have by now been brought back to Salzburg and delivered to the senders.

Don't miss the public viewing ~ come along on Postal Bottle Cruise!


P.S. Everybody who had left a contact information received a personal answer